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Night Songs – Round 2 Day 6: We Hardly Knew Ye

I was a latecomer to tonight’s games, so this will be brief (and it will filch yesterday’s photo, but whatever, don’t @ me). It was a parade of ex-Blackhawks tonight, some of which elicited no feelings, others which positively stung.

Capitals 4 – Penguins 3 (Capitals lead 2-1)

Admittedly I didn’t see much of this one, but what I did see was late in the third period of a tie game, Michal Kempny on the ice taking Sidney Crosby out of the play, which directly led to Ovechkin’s winning goal. But ya know, the Hawks system, and Q’s strategies for guys, and blah blah blah. (Honestly I’m happy for Kempny; he would be fully justified in winning the Cup and giving the entire Chicago organ-I-zation the finger.) But the point is, the Penguins blew a lead in the third and now the Caps are up a game. Also Malkin came back and had an assist. Whatever.

Predators 4 – Jets 7 (Jets lead 2-1)

Hockey has a lot of cliches, but the “most dangerous lead,” aka the 3-goal lead, stepped out of timeworn TV scripts and right into the Predators’ face in the second period. Dustin Byfuglien went wild, as of course Patrik Laine did too although the scorer’s sheet wouldn’t reflect it. Laine’s pass to Byfuglien late in the second resulted in the goal that gave them the lead, and although it seemed blatant to a spectator that Byfuglien was wide open at the dot and had one thing on his mind, the threat of Laine shooting was too much for Rinne and he got burned.

The Predators managed to tie it in the third but the momentum behind the Jets was overwhelming. Rinne wasn’t awful but he also wasn’t good. He was flopping around and getting out of position, and while the team scrambled around him the Jets just took control and kept scoring (OK, the two right at the end including the empty netter were just insult to injury but it was the Predators getting injured so fuck ’em). Hellebuyck had a rough first (obviously) but bounced back, whereas the Predators just disintegrated.


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