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NHL Offer Update

A couple things have come out in the intervening hours about the offer from the owners. Just wanted to get those out.

Let’s get to the big one here. According to Pierre LeBrun, who generally doesn’t miss on this kind of thing, the proposal contains a clause in Year 1 that teams can exceed the cap up to $70 million. This is breathtakingly huge. That means there wouldn’t have to be extra amnesties/buyouts, and players don’t have to worry about being axed from their teams ruthlessly.

Let’s do some math here. If 50% is a 57.7 cap for this upcoming year, and revenues grow by 4% for next year, the cap for next year would be around $60 million. While that will mean teams are going to have to cull some talent to get under the new number, they’ll have two years to do so instead of one and it’s not quite as bad as it would have been. So make of that what you will.

There’s more…

I didn’t mention the 5-year limit in my previous post. That will not delight players, but a term-limit was always going to be on the cards. One would think that can probably be negotiated up to a six or seven year limit. That shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

The allowance for the first year is the big story here. While there have been some poo-pooing this offer today, that part of the offer is a major catering to the players. They don’t have to worry about losing anything off this year’s salary, which has been their complaint all along.

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