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New Statistics Sites Unveiled

Over the past few weeks, hockey loving nerds everywhere have scrambled to discover a replacement for ExtraSkater after the site went dark upon the hiring of its creator, Darryl Metcalf, by the Toronto Maple Leafs. Several sites have been in existence for quite some time that have a wealth of information in this regard; however, ExtraSkater was very user friendly and that means a lot for people who may not be as familiar with the expanded set of metrics currently being used to evaluate hockey.

Over the past several days, two new sites have been unveiled that promise to be user friendly and offer new features for the stats hungry hockey fan. The first is war-on-ice.com (@war_on_ice on Twitter) which was created by A.C. Thomas (@acthomasca) and Sam Ventura (@stat_sam). The second is progressivehockey.blogspot.ca (@ProgressiveHKY) which was created by Matt Pfeffer (@MattyPfeffer), who is the resident analytics guru for the Ottawa 67’s of the OHL.

Both of these new sites are in the beta stage of their development but the raw materials are excellent. The user interface and available features are being improved upon daily. I’ll have some posts coming up in the next few days and weeks that use some of the features from these new sites, but I encourage you to check them out as well.

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