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Help Wanted – Rockford Correspondent

Hello all. We’re turning on all the lights and our machines here at the Lab to get ready for the new hockey season. We’re even trying to dry out Killion, but that’s not going so well. Training camp is only two weeks away, after all.

With that in mind, we need some help. Our Hogs correspondent, Kim Wrona, who did excellent work for us for two seasons, will no longer be able to be our Hogs’ expert due to school commitments. She’ll still be around to comment and chip in when she can/wants, and we thank her for all she’s done.

So we need a new Hogs’ person. Preferably we are looking for someone who lives in or near Rockford (god help you) and gets to all or most of the Hogs home games and follows them pretty closely on the road. If you think you’re the person, or you know someone, please email me at committedindian@gmail.com. If you’re lucky, you can be attacked on Twitter too for nothing you had anything to do with, just like Jen LC!

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