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The Mountain Will Fall – Hawks 6, Avalanche 4

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It should not have had to be that difficult, but at this juncture of the season, any way the points come in regulation is quite alright. And with a nice little bonus of both the Wild and Blues losing in regulation, what looked to be quickly spiraling out of control suddenly turned into a fairly positive night. Mostly.


  • As a general rule, whenever the Hawks get nothing from the marquee names things tend to get cockeyed in a hurry. Tonight was the exception, and when the bum squad tosses up 5-ish on the opposition, you had damn well better capitalize no matter who isn’t scoring. Of course, playing the far-and-away worst team in the league certainly helps that cause, and the hope is that the Hawks don’t learn the wrong lesson about their “depth” because of one game against whatever that Avs thing is. It’s always better to slot guys that can play down if it’s possible.
  • Corey Crawford didn’t have it tonight, and that’s OK. He was bound to come back to earth a bit and he has since returning from the appendectomy. None of the shots that beat him were complete shit, but everything he saw everything and was slow to react. Certainly not worth openly pondering on Darling’s availability, however. 
  • Of the more encouraging things that happened tonight, Michal Kempny being allowed to play through a fantastic play by smirking imp Matt Duchene is one of them. Duchene tends to do this against the Hawks because he is very fast and the Hawks don’t physically maul forwards, so Kempny isn’t alone in that club. But he was allowed to play on, and made a fantastic keep in that set up the Hinostroza go-ahead marker. He also carried a 68 share in 16 minutes.
  • At the other end of things however, Keith and Hjalmarsson were well underwater. Might be time to give that a shakeup with 2-7/4-6, but we’ve only been screaming for that for 3 months now.
  • Putting Jonathan Toews with Richard Panik and Ryan Hartman probably isn’t going to jump start his production.
  • Vince Hinostroza is very fast and a useful player. Vince Hinostroza does not belong in the top six. These are not mutually exclusive thoughts to have.
  • The Avs need to go to these jerseys  full time next year with the Adidas revamp. The C-Dot logo is one of the better flags in the Union, and they need to get more mileage out of it.
  • It is always pleasant to see fucking asshole criminal Semyon Varlamov’s play on the ice reflect what is in his toilet of a soul.