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Morning Links 6/25/13

I’ve never been happier to not have to come home to Chicago.

1:06 of real time: Youtube

Recaps: Trib Times Herald B.Herald

Setting the new standard: NHL

“Organizations win championships” : ESPN

Tell me again how Crawford sucks: ESPN Chicago

“Day shud trade dat Kane kid, he don’t got no heart”: CSN Chicago

Toews proves he’s no Jumbo Joe: CBC

I agree Andy, I agree whole heatedly: Deadspin (nsfw)

I don’t think you’re alone Tuukka: PHT

This is more embarrassing than Pronger’s Game 5 dash 5: ESPN Boston

3 Stars: PD

Yeah it was short, but it sure was great: Sportsnet

Now they tell us: TSN

Bowmans continue to build champions: Toronto Sun

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