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It's Just a Kiss Away: Blackhawks 3, Bruins 2; Blackhawks win 4-2

It’s hard to believe something that started so innocently in the middle of January could end so abruptly and beautifully in June. Yet, that’s exactly what happened today (or yesterday). The Chicago Blackhawks captured their second Stanley Cup in four years in Boston on June 24. Yes, it’s incredibly hard to believe; even more so for the fans of the team since the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s but it is true.

This Hawks team, with a goalie as “incompetent” as Corey Crawford, a 3rd line not nearly as strong as the 2010 team and a top line that couldn’t nearly compete with the Western Conference’s best somehow found its way to the NHL’s top prize at the end of June.

Anyways, like we’ve always done, let’s move to the bulletos.

–What better place to start than than the end. That finish. We will be talking about that until they throw the dirt over our tomb or the zombies take over. Which ever comes first. The more I think about it, the more Game 6 feels like a Jordan Bulls finish. Even when Milan Lucic put the Bruins ahead with seven and a half minutes left, I just felt like there was a counter punch coming. What I didn’t expect, however, was Dave Bolland’s goal was 58 seconds left. That was pure shock. Either way, that was pure amazement and something that we will be telling our grandchildren about, assuming our intestines aren’t being devoured by the asshole that lives in 3F.

It’s fitting that Dave Bolland potted the game winner with no gloves or stick as he’s the most likely player to be playing somewhere else come September but if it was his curtain call, it was a fitting end. If anything, it was the quintessential ¬†Dave Bolland ending as people will remember that goal and equate him with so many happy memories. Even though, he spent 96% of this year as useful as Michel Goulet trying to find his car in a mall parking lot.

–Maybe it’s just the 10 year old in me, but seeing the disappointment in Jaromir Jagr’s face as another other team skated off with the Cup…You can’t put a price on something like that. Truly amazing.

–Let’s see what we can get on the open market for Patrick Kane this summer. Nope, actually anyone who suggested trading him in the past two years should have to lay in the middle of Madison as the Hawks team buses roll by. And anyone else who suggests trading in the coming years should have to stick their head in the oven for 45 minutes.

Sure, maybe Corey Crawford deserved the Conn Smythe a little more but let’s be serious. Patrick Kane could have won the trophy in 2010 and was certainly a worthy contender this year. Some day (won’t be anytime soon) people in Chicago will appreciate him for being one of the best 10 hockey players on the globe but until that comes, he’ll be our little secret.

Either way, give credit to Kane for admitting during his post-game interviews that Crawford may have deserved the trophy more than him. Crawford broke every Blackhawk goalie playoff record. As unfair as it is, his performance in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final likely cost him any chance of winning it. Nevermind that he put together an incredible run through four rounds of the Stanley Cup Playoffs or that he broke every playoff record of an Original 6 Franchise; he biffed one game in the playoffs that nearly cost his team. That’s never happened ever in the history of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

–The person who puts together the montage of the Stanley Cup Playoffs for Hockey Night in Canada…I want to have their baby. This year’s; there are simply no words to describe how much I loved it.

–What’s funny about this Stanley Cup Final as opposed to the last few and certainly none the Hawks have been in for 40 some years, this was an incredibly even series. It just as easily could have swung Boston’s way and we’d be looking for some one to blame as the Hawks came up short in their quest for the Cup. I like to pride myself as someone who can pick out the better team in a playoff series and ride that better team through the end.

Then when the series ends, you’re not that surprised as to who came out on top. However, for this series, it was such a toss up that either team could’ve conceivably skated off with the Cup.

The fact that the Hawks skated off with it; in a game where they were trailing with 1:30 minutes left and then scored again 12 seconds after the equalizer. It just feels like a dream that I don’t want to wake up from.

And if you want to, you can feed on me.

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