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Hey, The Kids Are Playing!

While we stare at people having a staring contest waiting for one of them to blink so we can have something to talk about again, some of the Hawks prospects have actually strapped on the skates in anger. I know, it’s a reach here. But we might as well check in with some of the kiddies.

Phillip Danualt’s season with Victoriaville has kicked off, and he’s got a goal and an assist in two games. Danault doesn’t seem to get the pub that Saad or McNeil or now Tervainen does, but  those in the know say his Blackhawks future is as secure as any of those. I know from just at Prospects’ Camp he stood out as much as anyone. Our man Chris Block, our go-to guy for Rockford info, says Danault didn’t look out of place there in his brief trial at the end of last season. He may never pan out to be anything more than a third-line center, but his awareness and doggedness could see him in an Indian Head sooner than anyone’s talking about. Don’t be shocked if he’s one of the two or three players the Hawks pull out of the CHL for whenever their training camp begins.

Mark McNeil has begun his last campaign in the WHL as well, and also has two points in two games for Prince Albert. McNeil has a lot to prove this season. His mark as the Hawks’ top prospect has been usurped by Saad, Teravainen, and possibly Danault. I thought he looked slow and lazy when I’ve seen him, but then again I haven’t seen him in anything that matters yet.’

Speaking of Teravainen, his season starts tomorrow night with Jokerit. Did you know that Jokerit’s logo is a jester? Yeah. it’s kind of funny.

And that’s kind of it. The college season hasn’t started yet, the prime prospects like Saad, Morin, Olsen and a couple others have progressed to Rockford and are awaiting training camp which begins Sunday, and the rest are in Europe where it’s impossible to get anything in passable English.

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