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Game #74 and #75 – Hawks vs. Avalanche: Lineups & How Teams Were Built

Notes: Crawford might get both starts this weekend, as Colliton makes one last death lunge at this season being anything. Seems a tall task for a player who has missed so much time and only recently came back. This could get messy…Anyone else notice the Hawks don’t have a goal from a forward since he switched Saad and Kane? Anyone?…Saad was a monster on Thursday and almost did it himself. He’s going to have to…We don’t know what the defensive shuffle will be this weekend, and honestly, we don’t care…

Notes: We can’t predict what the Avs lines will look like. They dressed seven d-men last out and the Rantanen got hurt and his questionable for the weekend, so this is a guess. Nieto and Landeskog are definitely out…Rantanen has slowed up a bit, with only 13 points in his last 24 games…Barrie has been hot, with eight points in his last 10 games…Grubauer has been lights-out in March, with a .968 in seven appearances…


Game #74 and #75 Preview Suite




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Lineups & How Teams Were Built

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