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Game #66 – Hawks vs. Sharks Douchebag Du Jour: Michael Haley, Pete DeBoer, And Putting Truck Nuts On Your Porsche

You probably missed it last week. It wasn’t a transaction to move the needle. But for some reason, the Sharks brought back Michael Haley off of waivers from Florida. Getting waved by the Panthers should tell you all you need to know, especially given how Dale Tallon likes himself a muttonhead.

And make no mistake, Haley is drain-clog. He amassed 200 penalty minutes last year in Sunrise, which did so much protecting of their stars they missed the playoffs again. He can’t do anything but spit and yell, and occasionally fight when someone is dumb enough to engage him. He is an old-style goon, and one the Sharks have no need of.

And yet claim him they did, because Pete DeBoer–who aside from Martin Jones might be the biggest impediment to the Sharks winning a Cup–thinks he needs this. Who on this roster is he protecting? Logan Couture and Joe Pavelski aren’t shrinking violets. Timo Meier is a pest himself and was doing just fine. Erik Karlsson is hurt anyway, and you never bring in a bouncer for a d-man anyway.

Haley and his dumb haircut and even dumber attitude will be relegated to the pressbox when the real games start, but it’s a mystery why the Sharks though they needed this in games that are supposedly important if they were going to catch the Flames. Haley’s presence hasn’t stopped the Sharks from getting thwacked in three of the four games he’s dressed for, so that’s going well.

Maybe it’s not the goalies the Sharks need to change before the playoffs…


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