Game #29 – Hawks vs. Devils: Hedley Lamarr’s Mugs, Pugs, And Thugs

Meat Train – It’s somehow escaped hockey observers for at least the past five seasons that Wayne Simmonds is perhaps the dumbest player in the league and much more apt to take a penalty that will kill you in a game that matters rather than score from two feet. Many thought he would be a key pickup for the Predators last year, and then watched him gasp for air barely cracking their fourth line in a first round loss to the Stars. The Devils have him properly slotted on their fourth line where he can still be effective, and he’s only on a one-year $5M contract in some sort of bid to prove it. He won’t prove much, other than the rocks are still in his head.

Kyle Palmieri – Does he ever not score against the Hawks? This has gone on with two teams now on both coasts.

Jesper Bratt and Boqvist – Larry Horse say too Jesper-y.

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