Game #21: I Still Miss Teuvo – Hurricanes 4, Hawks 2

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This game was extremely boring for about 53 minutes, then the Hawks made some shit happen but ultimately not enough. Carolina pretty much waxed the Hawks asses for most of the night but even that wasn’t all that interesting, so I just spent most of the time thinking about how much I still love and miss Teuvo Teravainen. I still love and miss him a lot, you guys. Remember when he took over a Stanley Cup Final game? Remember when he got the Stanley Cup and looked like the happiest boy ever? Remember when he talked about how horny Chicago girls were, like an innocent little boy? I remember all of that. I still remember where I was when I heard he was traded and how disappointed I was.

I was very disappointed. I still have his jersey, though. I will never get rid of it.

Oh yeah, this game. I almost forgot about that. Here are your bullets:


– Look, as an avid baseball fan and especially as a fan of a rebuilding baseball team with a good farm system, I fully understand the value of extended control of should-be-elite young players. So I get why the Blackhawks sent Adam Boqvist back to Rockford last week, keeping him short of 10 NHL games this year and allowing the first year of his ELC to slide to next year, at least if everything keeps as is. It is, as they say, smart business.

With all of that being said, Boqvist being in the AHL to “develop” while we are forced to watch Erik Gustafsson play hockey at the NHL level is insulting to our intelligence. Maybe I am a bit too high on Boqvist in his current state or too low on Gus, but I am fairly certain that there is not any one thing that Gustafsson does any better than Boqvist does right now. Boqvist could absolutely use some improvement in his defensive zone and using his body to out-muscle guys, but even with that in mind I believe that those two players are a wash right now. Boqvist obviously has the higher ceiling and is part of the long term plans. This is all Gustafsson is and will ever be, and he will be (or should be) gone after the season.

The bigger problem here really is that you can’t quite get rid of Gus at this point in time. Nobody is probably ready to move for a defenseman of his ilk quite yet, so you wouldn’t get much of consequence. In reality, Gustafsson should’ve been gone at the deadline or the draft, and obviously we all know that and have beaten this horse to death so many times we’re now beating its grandson. But truthfully, I am of the opinion that anything you can get for Gustafsson is a win considering he can walk for free in July, and replacing him with Boqvist is a net-win for the organ-i-zation because Boqvist will develop in the NHL while playing important minutes.

Thank you for attending my TED Talk.

– Kirby Dach is going to be a gosh darn DUDE. I am have to admit I am still of the opinion that the Hawks should’ve taken Bowen Byram, but I am inching ever closer to thinking Dach was, indeed, the correct pick. Obviously at just 18 there are plenty of areas he still needs to work on, but he is doing enough well right now, as an 18-year-old, for me to feel very confident that he will be very good for a long time.

– I don’t want to get too giardiniera-soaked here, but how Sebastian Aho did not get penalized for his hit on Patrick Kane in the last minute is beyond me. Quite frankly, the refs could’ve spun a fuckin’ wheel and picked the penalty. It was a Cross Check (1) From Behind (2) on a player that didn’t have the puck (3- interference) and he shoved him into the boards (4 – boarding). And he got nothing! Normally I am not a fan of hockey players getting their panties in a twist and talking shit about plays way after the fact, but Kane getting in Aho’s face later and getting penalized accordingly was good, IMO. Toews and Teuvo got into it as well, but I imagine that Teuvo was just telling Toews how much he misses Chicago and wants to come back.

– I miss you, too, Teuvo. Come back to me.

– Hawks go next on Thursday when they welcome Tampa Bay to town. Until then.

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