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Freezin For A Reason – Raising Money To Help Project Rescue

imageEvery once in a while, we like to try to do something good through this site. It seems more often than not, it involves me doing something physically challenging or painful. This time is no different.

If you’ve read the actual Committed Indian program or checked our twitter feed. You’ve probably seen us talking about Project Rescue. ¬†Project Rescue is a great non-profit working to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned dogs in the Chicago area and beyond. And if you didn’t know this, the TOS are all huge dog nerds… not sure about Fifth Feather, I feel like he may be more of a cat guy. The picture above is myself and my own rescue dog Jackson, who I’ve had for close to 7 and a half years now. I’m always looking for ways to help rescue organizations so when I saw Project Rescue was running their annual fundraiser Freezin For A Reason, I thought it was a great way to get involved.

The long story short version (or TL;DR, in the parlance of our times) – I try and raise money, I jump in Lake Michigan next Saturday, I can’t feel my arms for a few hours, you laugh at me, this organization gets more money to help dogs in need. If you’ve got the means and the desire, you can help me raise money at my fundraising page. Any little bit will help. I’ll post a recap after the event once I regain feeling in my extremities. Thanks in advance!


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