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It’s been a little while since we had one of these. Let’s just have a little rapid fire session with a lot of things you may or may not care about.

–I’m all ears to anyone who wants to explain to me all the Jim Morrison references in “Lost Boys.” There are pictures of him throughout the film. Jason Patric looks eerily similar to him. “People Are Strange” is on the soundtrack. Hell, you could even make the argument that the king vampire looks like Ray Manzarek. And of course, there’s the vampire who gets incinerated in the bathtub.

Are they trying to say Jim Morrison was actually a vampire? Was he killed by vampires? Were vampires the real reason he moved to Paris? Was this some short story he secretly penned? These questions always bother me whenever I catch it on TV.

–Brief thoughts on “The Walking Dead” through the halfway point…For all the talk Robert Kirkman made about how the television series was going to be a separate entity from the comic books, they’re staying awfully loyal to the major arcs. Save for the minor details of when characters actually died, it’s essentially the same thing.

Which is fine. Just my two cents.

I’m incredibly interested to see how everyone gets brought back together after the raid. Every major character went in different directions. I just hope it doesn’t take a full eight episodes to bring everyone together.

By the way, if you haven’t seen “The Returned” yet and you’re a “Walking Dead” and/or “Lost” fan, I would highly recommend giving it a whirl. It’s French so it’s in subtitles (apologies to the illiterate) but it’s an incredibly suspenseful and intriguing show. Also, there’s a lot of nudity. If you’re into that sort of thing.

–Alright, so that concludes the Entertainment Weekly portion. I suppose you want to TALK MORE HOCKEY.

Fun little fact that tickles me with joy…Since starting 12-1, the Avalanche have gone 9-8. That’s all I really have to say about that.

–The Red Wings lost their 11th straight shootout on Thursday night. I can’t even imagine the amount of wasted energy spent on analyzing the shootout if that were to happen to the Hawks. Lest we all forget the great debate on who the third shooter for the Hawks should be of last year. Because that turned out to be such an important facet of their Cup run.

–So on NHL Tonight, Kevin Weekes said the St. Louis Blues established themselves as an upper-echelon team based on their performance against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Does that mean the Buffalo Sabres did the same thing in their two wins against the measuring stick that is the Toronto Maple Leafs?

–The Hawks scored 7 goals on 23 shots last night which pretty much proves how streaky hockey can be. Admittedly, I missed the majority of last night’s tilt but the next time the Hawks only score 2 goals on 43 shots and people are bitching about one and done chances or lack of net presence, hopefully they remember games like this. Sometimes the puck goes in; sometimes it doesn’t. Maybe the NHL should think about making that its new slogan.

It’s similar to the Hawks penalty kill from last year to this year. I’m not sure if I wrote this or thought it, but I said something along the lines of the Hawks penalty kill could easily flip roles next year and be at the bottom of the league because of how well Crawford and Emery played a man down last year.

Adding into that equation is the passive penalty kill (which has been covered terrifically by my constituents) the Hawks play that allows for a lot of puck possession for the offense and a struggling penalty kill shouldn’t come as a surprise if they’re not getting saves at a 91% rate.

–The Hawks are really good at hockey. #analysis


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