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Easy Peasey Japanesey: Hawks 5 – Oilers 1

We still fear games against the Oilers after the trauma of the ’11-’12 season, especially the carnival ride of the games at Rexall Place that season, but it hasn’t really been the case the past two season. Oh sure, the Oil got one last year at the UC in a total clown college of a game. But other than that they’ve been batting practice fastballs for the Hawks. And you know pretty much whether it will be or not by the 1st period. As soon as Jonathan Toews arrogantly deposited his shorty in the 1st, you knew how tonight would go.

Let’s not wait around.


-I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the way the Hawks turned off the ignition about halfway through the second, especially as it followed a turtle shell after taking the lead in Vancouver on Saturday. But then again, I completely get it. The game was won, there wasn’t much threat of anything being turned over, and you can’t bring a full 60 every time. Just don’t make it a habit.

-Did Bryzgalov take #80 simply because it was double Dubnyk’s #40? I’m going to go ahead and say yes.

-Y’know, the broadcast can extoll the 4th line all they want and Q can roll them out there as much as he wants and point to the goals for and against and I guess I can’t make an argument. But once again tonight they were a minus in Corsi and were generally out there when the Oilers got something. Hey, it’s great the Q thinks he can roll four lines again (sorta), but the bottom unit is not Frolik absolutely slaying what’s out there against him. So I’m still going to be upset that J-Mo got less time than Bollig, even though he had a better game. And even though he’s clearly getting sent down tomorrow. Let’s all think about how the 4th line would be better with Morin instead of Bollig on it. Feels good for a sec, no?

-I’m running out of metaphors and ways to describe Brandon Saad. It’s a holiday week, I’ll have more when I have to start thinking again.

-Crow was good again tonight. McClure and I were talking about this on Saturday, and I wonder if Q isn’t banking on him having all of February off. Yeah, he might get picked for Team Canada but it’s unlikely he’ll be the starter ahead of both Price and Luongo. I don’t know how much of a rest flying over to Sochi and being part of Team Canada would actually be. I’d rather not bank on it. Raanta should start two of the next three. But he won’t.

-So after missing a month, Handzus goes right back on the PK. But Versteeg? Nuh uh.

-Why was Duncan Keith up around 25 minutes?

-I really like Ben Smith. I won’t run from it any more.

That’s enough for such a simple win. Keep it moving.

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