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I feel like I need to state at the top that I am hardly an expert. Not even close. What will follow, and really what will follow and pretty much has been going on here (despite whatever has been thrown at us) are simply fans like you trying to find anyway to get their arms around all this and comprehend what is going on. Today, that feels like a Herculean task at the very best.

By now you probably know the news, but a quick recap of the facts that we know. The lawyer for the accuser had a press conference, where he revealed that the rape kit, which is supposed to be sealed and inaccessible, was left at the accuser’s mother’s doorstep. The bag it was sealed in had been ripped open, which makes it clear (or very close to it) that it had been tampered with.

What all that means beyond… I and many others are having a hard time figuring out where the first step is.

When he first said that, I’m sure like many others I thought it was some sort of disgusting, sickening taunt or something to the accuser’s mother. However, the accuser’s attorney quickly made it seem as if this was a whistle-blowing gesture. Someone wanted them to know what had gone on with the evidence. I suppose this could twist and turn a few more times before it’s all through, but if that’s where this lawyer is going with it for now I guess that’s what we should go with? Again, I haven’t the slightest.

As I write this, and kind of expected. Kane’s lawyer is telling the Tribune that he has the most to lose over evidence tampering, because they can’t do their own testing now if it were to come to that. Obviously, no one knows what exactly went on, when it went on, and various other questions I can’t really process right now.

The accuser’s lawyer called for a separate investigation into this possible evidence tampering, and I guess that would be the FBI? I’m fairly certain that means that all of this can’t possibly be going away anytime soon, be it the investigation of Kane or the investigation of the investigation. The latter would certainly take months.

What we can safely guess, or close to, is that waters that were already seriously murky have become completely fucked. If evidence has been tampered and is therefore inadmissible, it brings us all farther from finding the truth. And there wasn’t all that big of a chance of getting to the truth as it was, whatever side you find yourself on, because of the nature of these cases to begin with. Essentially, the cloud may never go away.

I will step out on this, though. Those of us who said Kane shouldn’t be at camp, even though he has not been charged, did so partly because of the possibility of something truly fucked up becoming public and the Hawks and Kane now having to wear it even more. Well, it’s here. Whatever side is effected the most by this, and I’m sure that’s a healthy debate I in no way have the strength for right now, no one comes out looking good. You can’t come out on Friday and have both the Hawks and Kane say they trust the legal process, and then find out the legal process has been borked, and end up smelling like roses on the other side.

I will also say this. Even if you’ve been a staunch Kane defender or whatever else, please please take a moment and consider this just another example of the huge uphill climb any person claiming to be raped faces. It is more evidence of the incredible deck that is stacked against them, and her lawyer’s statements on what else she’s been through are as well. This is why us and so many others are so passionate about it. Just linger for a moment and understand. Understand the problem that it is and what we have to do to turn this around, even if it’s not this case. This is a discussion we really need to be having.

Ok, I’m going to leave the comments open. Please, please be respectful because the leash is going to be awfully short.

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