Everything Else

I feel like I need to state at the top that I am hardly an expert. Not even close. What will follow, and really what will follow and pretty much has been going on here (despite whatever has been thrown at us) are simply fans like you trying to find anyway to get their arms around all this and comprehend what is going on. Today, that feels like a Herculean task at the very best.

By now you probably know the news, but a quick recap of the facts that we know. The lawyer for the accuser had a press conference, where he revealed that the rape kit, which is supposed to be sealed and inaccessible, was left at the accuser’s mother’s doorstep. The bag it was sealed in had been ripped open, which makes it clear (or very close to it) that it had been tampered with.

What all that means beyond… I and many others are having a hard time figuring out where the first step is.