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Beard Of The Day – May 6 – Marc Maron

marc maron

With the way the NHL has made an ass of itself pretty much across the board since about 5:00PM yesterday, a little caustic humor seems to be in order. And it is with that Marc Maron is presented this Monday morning.

Though Maron has been around for seemingly forever sporting various facial hair configurations (I can remember a clean shaven Maron hosting Comedy Central’s Short Attention Span Theater as a youth), he’s only recently rose to such prominence after his self-produced and self-lacerating podcast, WTF, gained an avid following, and the show’s guest list is a who’s who of the comedy world. Maron’s unique (albeit self-involved) perspective on interviewing gained the show notoriety, and is one of the few generally recognizable podcasts in mainstream media. This has led to a comedy album, published book, and sitcom for Maron all within the last year or so, showing persistent cynicism can pay off as the exception proving the rule.

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