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Beard of the Day – May 31 – Martin Starr

Martin Starr

It seems only fitting that on the eve of the Hawks taking on the L.A. Kings in the playoffs for the first time in nearly 40 years that we once again dig deep into the seemingly bottomless well of bearded character actors. And it is with that we present to you Martin Starr.

For the better part of the last fifteen years, Starr has been one of the go to guys for casting directors when looking for your stereotypical “nerd” character, which started with his breakthrough on Judd Apatow’s short lived Freaks & Geeks. And though that series met an untimely demise, it served as a launching pad for Starr for such vehicles as Party Down and Adventureland. And though he’s clean shaven in his most well-known roles, Starr has more than made up for it away from the camera by donning a full, robust beard, which was the focal point of innumerable jokes at his character’s expense in Knocked Up. But his beard is not something to be mocked, it is to be celebrated.

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