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Beard Of The Day – May 27th – Lieutenant Michael Murphy


In June of 2005, Lieutenant Michael Murphy led a four-man Seal team on a search for a Taliban leader in Afghanistan’s Kunar Province. Shortly into their mission, they were spotted by Taliban forces and a firefight broke out. Vastly outnumbered, around 50-100 Taliban to the 4 Navy Seals, Murphy and his team became pinned down in a steep ravine. Unable to get a radio signal from their position, Murphy left his cover and exposed himself in order to find a signal to call for help. While making the call, Murphy was shot several times but still managed to give support their position before picking up his rifle and re-joining the fight. Sadly, Murphy did not survive his wounds but thanks to his bravery, one member of his team did. Murphy was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor, Silver Star, Purple Heart and in 2012, a US Navy Destroyer was named in his honor.

Everyone have a safe Memorial Day. And to all the men and women serving, thank you.

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