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Beard Of The Day – May 17 – Nick Offerman

nick offerman

With The Office at long last bidding farewell last night, its natural successor to the NBC Comedy Throne (such as it is these days) figures to be Parks and Recreation, both in tone and in its bloodlines. And though one of the stars of Parks & Rec, Nick Offerman, is immaculately mustachioed on the show, away from it he sports as rugged a full beard as one could imagine. And with both Paul MacLean and Joel Quenneville earning Jack Adams nominations today, this seems like the best way to pay tribute to both of their dusters as well as our daily beard requirements.

A native of western suburban Minooka, Offerman toiled in the Chicago improv scene for quite a while, getting occasional bit parts in both TV and film (The George Lopez Show, Wristcutters: A Love Story) before landing a role seemingly tailored for him specifically, Ron Swanson, head of the parks department on Parks & Rec. Defined both by his mustache and completely inflexible and arbitrary moral code, (which inspired content for this site), as well as a penchant for manly activities such as woodworking and whiskey, by all accounts, the character Offerman plays is not all that different from the man himself. The bearded Offerman even has his own functioning wood shop, with handcrafted items you can actually purchase made by a real-life celebrity and burgeoning facial hair legend.

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