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Beard Of The Day – June 23rd – Ansel Adams

Ansel-Adams_2So I guess we missed a “supermoon” last night. Or at least I did. Maybe you were lucky enough to catch it. If there’s someone who probably would have been able to catch it perfectly though, it would be Ansel Adams.

One of the greatest landscape photographers of all time, Adams was known for pioneering the Zone System along with collegeue Fred Archer. That, along with Ansel’s incredible eye, allowed him to capture some of the more stunning images of the American west, particularly in his favorite area – Yosemite National Park.

Adams was known for using larger format cameras to capture the resolution he wanted in his images. Adams was also famous for finding a spot and patiently sitting there waiting for light to become just the way he wanted. He’s said to have waiting for hours for the moon to get to just the right spot before snapping his famous Moon Over Half Dome. Game 6 is tomorrow and we know the Bruins are going to come out like junkyard dogs going after a squirrel. The Hawks are going to have to be just as patient as Adams and not get caught up in their games, stick to their game plan and focus on what has brought them so close once again.

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