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Beard Of The Day – June 16 – Paul Newman

Paul Newman

Today marks a bit of uncharted territory for this feature, as the season has never gone long enough to actually reach Father’s Day (Thanks again Gary and Jeremy and Rocky and Donald and…). So it’s now a great honor to present Paul Newman, though very rarely spotted in the wild with facial hair as our Father’s Day beard.

There’s not really much explanation needed as to why he was chosen, as he’s Paul Fucking Newman. But aside from all of his acting awesomeness, Paul Newman was one of the very first gay rights activists in Hollywood, and his line of food products still donates all of their proceeds to his Hole In The Wall Gang charities while remaining affordably tasty. And fittingly for today, his daughter Nell has continued on in that family business even after her father’s passing, with her own line of organic food under the Newman’s Own banner.

And a very Happy Fathers’ Day to all the dads out there.

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