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Beard Of The Day – June 13 – James Murphy

James Murphy

Feeling haggard today? A bit beleaguered? Just plain worn-the-fuck out?

After the fifth longest game in the history of the Stanley Cup Final, it’s more than a little understandable. One can only imagine how exhausted the players on both sides must feel. And it’s with that we present James Murphy, LCD Soundsystem frontman, the founder of DFA Records, and Patron Saint of the Exasperated Hipster, as today’s beard of the day. You know, on the occasions when it’s just too much of a fucking hassle for him to shave today, man.

Murphy is only 43, but to look at him and his periodic stark white, translucent beard and the manner in which they both comport themselves, it’d be very easy to assume he’s at least a decade older. Even the lyrics of many of his more well-known songs revolve around simply being tired and over it. Murphy was so tired in fact, that only two years ago he pretty much unilaterally decided his band would be calling it quits simply because he’d had enough after only releasing three proper albums in eight years, closing things out with a multi-night stand at Madison Square Garden. And though that may seem like a minimal amount, Murphy and his  beard are no stranger to marathon length productions in the same way Hawks fans are now becoming accustomed to them. Not only do songs regularly clock in well past the 5 and 6 minute marks, but Murphy and LCD Soundsystem actually produced a single, 45+ minute track designed to be a running mix.

But with all exhausted affect aside, Murphy, his band, and his unkempt beard have undoubtedly produced some of the finest dance and pop music of a generation, even if it took as tremendous of a toll on him as he’d have you believe.


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