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Beard Of The Day – April 26th – Steve Earle



When Steve Earle showed up in The Wire as a guide for Bubbles (if you haven’t seen this show, you’re blowing it by the way), it was almost too perfect of a role. Earle himself led the rebellious sort of life. He ran away from home at the age of 14, not exactly out of spite for his parents but more as an opportunity to follow his idol Townes Van Zandt. He split his time between San Antonio and Nashville as he honed his guitar playing and singing.  Earle’s battle with addiction to drugs and alcohol also played a large part in his music and lend him the gritty realness that was perfect in The Wire as Bubbles’ sponsor and mentor. He’s been a strong advocate of leftist political views and an outspoken anit-death penalty advocate. Primarily a folk and country singer, Earle has recorded over a dozen albums since the 1980’s. His music was shaped largely by his love of American folk and country with a blend of rockabilly and rock & roll. He also uses his Irish heritage as a source of inspiration and blends that into his music. And after last night’s win, sometimes it’s just a good time for a nice fun song.

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