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Beard Of The Day – April 21st – Bob Ross



We’re not one to make excuses for any bonehead activities from our favorite team. When we think someone is being a lunkhead, we’ll call them out. We also aren’t ones that feel dirty hits have any place in the game. It’s an extremely physical game and sometimes things cross a line. I’d like to give Seabrook the benefit of the doubt and say he lost himself and threw a hit that while wasn’t entirely dirty, definitely was reckless. It never should have happened.

The rest of this series wasn’t going to be easy even without that hit. Now things are almost sure to only get uglier and uglier. The team that can avoid getting lost in looking for blood will have the advantage. The Blues may headhunt and you can’t really blame them. The Hawks may continue to lose their minds and play like.. well.. like the Blues. Neither team will win by doing this. So instead of getting angrier and angrier…. Lets all paint some happy little trees?

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