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Beard Of The Day – April 20th – Tony Magee



Most of you are probably getting ready to celebrate Easter with your family, and rightfully so. However, to other people, this is a different holiday all together. One strong proponent of the less than legal aspect of the day is Lagunitas brewery founder, Tony Magee. Tony actually grew up in Rogers Park and the suburbs, and lets face it, Rogers Park is pretty much a suburb already. However, music took him out to California. While out there, Tony fell in love with craft beer and in 1993 took his homebrewing to the next level and opened a small craft brewery.

Now, Lagunitas Brewing Company is one the largest craft breweries in the US and they’re about to get a hell of a lot bigger. As of Friday, Lagunitas officially opened their second brewery on Chicago’s southside. So fresh IPA, Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’, Pale and many others will be flowing from their massive new brewery just east of Pilsen. Lagunitas is one of my favorite breweries, so I could not be more excited.

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