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It’s just about time to clock out for the weekend, and things will be quiet here until Monday when the Hawks take on the Kings on the west side. Now’s as good a time as any to stop and assess some things.

The Dizzying Highs

  • Daydream Nation – Despite Kane’s ugly -4 against the Ducks on Wednesday night, the faces of the franchise each put up back to back 3 point efforts against Dallas and Colorado, and each walked away with 8 points over the four game trip. They’ll need to continue to drag the top six along by the nuts for at least the next week or so, as Patrick Sharp and Marian Hossa appear to be missing more time over the next week.
  • Brandon Bollig – Credit where it’s due. While there’s nothing on the score sheet to back it up, especially after kicking in what would have been a tide-turner against Anaheim, Brandon Bollig has at least stopped being an active drag on the Hawks’ offense, which in his case is a significant leap forward to get him into this section. Still doesn’t mean he has much use in generally, but at least he’s maximizing it.

The Terrifying Lows

  • Brent Seabrook – A couple of ugly goals against both in Colorado and Orange County where Seabs looked like he had crap in his underpants and cement in his skates (or maybe it was the other way around). Either way, while the second pairing exceeding everyone’s expectations is nice, they’re not going to be able to mask what has been subpar play from Seabrook all year in perpetuity. He’ll need to get his mind (or lungs or legs or whatever it is) right in short order if the Hawks think they’re in this for the longest of hauls.
  • Dave Bolland – There’s no way to mince words, Dave Bolland has flat out sucked to high heaven this year in his second center spot, but it’s been masked by Patrick Kane playing out of his mind. Aside from being mostly invisible via eye test, Bolland is 44.8% at the dot, a -3.02 Behind the Net while facing softer competition than he’s used to, at team-worst -4, and getting out-Corsi’ed (is that a word?) to the tune of a -13.39 per 60. Perhaps Bolland is just woefully miscast away from his #3C irritant role, and the Hawks had better hope so. Getting another center to get Bolland back into a checking role makes the Hawks a better team. Of course, if he still abominable crap in that role, then it could very well spell the end of his time here in Chicago.

The Creamy Middles

  • Everyone’s Sanity – There’s a very real chance that the Hawks could be looking up at the Ducks by the end of the weekend, with the Ducks taking on Scum twice at The Pond, tonight and Sunday. Please don’t go all Carrie Mathison if that does happen – like this. The goal is the division and home ice. Stay focused.

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