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Angry At Numbers

Thought it was a good time to do an off-day Angry At Numbers.

40.9, 59.1

These are Marcus Kruger’s Corsi percentages in Game 1 and Game 2. I’m not sure they actually signify anything at all, other than in Game 1 Kruger was dealing with Mikko Koivu for most of it and in Game 2 that switched to Mikael Granlund. I assume this will be something Minnesota will notice and they will try and get Koivu out against him again in Game 3. Though this could be a result of the Hawks sitting back for a lot of Game 1 and no so much in the second game. Just a juxtaposition. Kruger has also struggled at the dot this series, winning 30% in Game 1 and only 45% in Game 2. Considering the amount of times he starts shifts in the defensive zone, it’s a small worry.

1.50, .951

Corey Crawford’s goals-against average and save-percentage during this six game win streak. Also, the Hawks hadn’t won as many as six in a row since the end of November.

58.9%, 77%-49%

I saw some people bitching at Tracey Myers of CSN on Twitter today about Nick Leddy and how he hasn’t developed. That’s Leddy’s Corsi percentage for the playoffs, which leads the team. Yes, he’s incredibly sheltered, starting 77% of his shifts in the offensive zone whic is that second number. The third number is the amount of shifts Leddy finishes in the offensive zone. That may seem daunting, but Patrick Kane’s numbers are 77% and 53%. Basically, there’s just about only one way to go when you start that much at one end of the ice. But with Keith, Seabrook, Hjalmarsson and Oduya taking all the tough assignments and doing well, there’s really no other role to play. Maybe Leddy hasn’t been as good as I want to believe, but I can’t see where he’s been a total disaster either.


That’s Patrick Sharp’s shooting rate at the moment these playoffs. He had one other drought like this this season in March. He went eight games without scoring on 26 shots. He had another in January where he had one goal in 10 games on 42 shots.




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