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Your Weekend Viewing Guide

Unfortunately, I’m going to be doing these for a while. Not that there was really hockey scheduled to be watched this weekend anyway. But it would have been the training camp festival and it would have felt like the season was really close. Our previews would have been in full gear. Discussions about lineups and surprises on the roster would be at full heat. So we’re just going to have to make-do with what we have here. And thankfully, there’s a lot if you’re willing.

Let’s to it.

White Sox at Angels Friday-Sunday: If nothing else, it’s a chance to see Mike Trout before he tests positive for horse testosterone or bear piss or whatever else he’s hopped himself up on. And it can’t possibly be as torturous as watching them play the Royals. The Sox are two games up, and they’d better make some hay in the first two games of this series as Jared Weaver awaits on Sunday. It’s ok though, Jhonny Peralta will be booting the ball around just enough to keep the Tigers from getting too close.

Saturday College Football: For those of you who refuse to admit that once you’re out of college, college football is creepy and weird and you should probably evolve to watching the professionals. Then this is where the real diehards would barf up something about the collegiate game being the true essence and they play harder and it’s for all the right reasons, even though these guys have been paid since they were 12 and can barely read. Whatever, enjoy it if you can.

Saturday night – Fire v. Crew: All the accusations I sling at college football fans can be redirected at me for really warming up to MLS this season. That’s ok. For those who join me, this is a huge game for the Fire against what is their biggest rival. And Columbus fans are racist dolts, so you can at least get behind hating them. A win for the Fire pretty much assures a playoff spot and sets up a game in KC next Friday that could see them go top of the Easter Conference.

Saturday night – Michigan v. Notre Dame: If I have any emotional connection to college sports it’s through the Maize and Blue, as I spent a lot of time in Ann Arbor with my uncle who owned Red Hot Lover’s/Chicago Dog House. If you went to UofM, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Anyway, this will be a clash of two programs that haven’t come to accept that they’ve been passed by and probably won’t ever gain the prominence they once had. And frankly, it’s highly entertaining to watch Denard Robinson try and convince everyone that he’s a quarterback instead of a center fielder as he overthrows his receivers by a good 12 yards. It’s quality comedy.

Sunday morning: Liverpool v. ManUre and Arsenal v. Man City: That’s right, more of the beautiful game! Even those with a passing interest in the game will know this doubleheader is as good as it gets. Liverpool-United is as fierce a rivalry as there is in sports, and the Gunners taking on the Champions is a tasty affair in itself. I’ll start shaking a good 12 hours before the Liverpool match. I’m so good with the big occasion, I am.

Sunday, noon – NFL: For Bears fans, it’ll be three hours waiting for Brandon Marshall to knife Cortland Finnegan in what should be (repeat: should be) a pretty comfortable victory over a Rams squad that beat the Redskins and should it prove that it’ll keep Killion quiet for at least five minutes. Falcons-Chargers looks to be a pretty good one for those with Sunday Ticket, and Patriots-Ravens at night should make for decent viewing. Maybe. These things never work out as they should, it’s the fucking NFL.

Right, I think that’s it. Enjoy. We’ll swing back on Monday with our first Hawks blogger roundtable at these new digs.

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