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Your Weekend Viewing Guide

That time again. Not that you’re technically missing out on hockey this weekend, but there would have been a preseason game to peruse and discuss. Now there’s not. Just men in suits in a conference room, where I’m pretty sure nothing will happen. But anyway…

Friday Night

Ryder Cup – Actually, this is going on all day and not really at night. Even casual golf fans get a kick out of this one. It’s such a departure from watching these guys joylessly grind out a paycheck week to week. And who doesn’t like watching awkward white guys try and high-five each other? For extra spice, I’m blogging about it for NBC Chicago again. Yes, i have to try and sound like I know what I’m talking about when it comes to golf. Watch the hilarity!

Fire v. Sporting KC – For the few footy fans amongst us, and the probably fewer MLS fans, this is a huge one. The Fire can go top of the Eastern Conference with a win, and even a draw will see them poised to do so later this week. KC is on top now, and it’s one of the more intimidating atmospheres in the league. They’re the hottest team in the league, and the only team in Chicago that’s playing well. Should be fun. It’s live on NBC Sports at 7:30 tonight.

White Sox v. Rays all weekend – If you still care which you probably don’t. But that won’t stop you from yelling at me about the Cubs which has nothing to do with anything even though you didn’t go to a Sox game all year, never believed in this team, and really have no right to be upset about it when it loses just like you thought they would all year. Price pitches at some point, so that’s cool.


College Football – I guess there’s a couple big Big Ten games. Not that it matters because the Big Ten sucks and they’ll get popped during the Holidays by whatever monsters come out of the SEC. And the Big Ten is responsible for all the dunderheads in my way on Saturday afternoons. God I hate college football. Yeah, that means you, Bartl.


NFL: It’s another Bears-less Sunday, which may be a good thing considering the angst they generate. Kills will voluntarily sit through Redskins-Bucs, and we all worry about his sanity. Giants-Eagles at night is probably the best game, maybe. I mean if watching Michael Vick try and find someone in the same colored shirt and fail miserably constitutes good to you.

Homeland Season Premiere: Fuck and yes.

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