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Your NHL-Less Weekend Viewing Guide & Discussion Of Utter Stupidity

Before we get to what you can watch this weekend that isn’t what you’d rather be watching, a couple thoughts:

-You know it’s bad when I read the Twitter updates and instead of throwing something in anger or kicking a live animal, I just stare at the ceiling in utter disbelief — trying to wrap my head around something so bathed in stupidity that I’m not even sure I recognize the language or am totally confident I haven’t switched planets.

So it was when I saw this “moratorium” vaudevillian routine. Yes, I know it’s been suggested that’s exactly what a mediator would do if one were involved. But the complete lack of urgency or sense of what’s going on in the world outside of this thing…you’ll have to find a more talented writer than me to describe it accurately.

I’m left with knowing that there’s a purpose behind it, an offer that Bettman had to know would be leaked to the press. But why? To prove that they’re in no hurry? That the owners aren’t sweating?

It’s gotten to the point where it’s not that I  think the owners don’t care that the fans are getting more and more enraged. I’m not even sure they know. They haven’t bothered to even check. But maybe that happens when you’re talking about a group of men accustomed to having the world cater to them. Maybe it’s not that they think we’re so stupid and sheep-like that we’ll come running whenever the gates open no matter how angry or apathetic we were. I’m beginning to think that they would be generally surprised that anyone was angry. It’s impossible to be embarrassed or ashamed when you have no sense of yourself or of what’s right and wrong.

Or maybe it’s with the more needles pointing at them from press and supporters, the owners turn more inward instead of listening. “We’ll show you! We’re above this! We can do what we want and we’ll show you just how easily we can!” Amazing what money can do to people, especially to a lot of these thumb-dicks who didn’t exactly earn their fortune.

While I’ve complained about the PA enough, I at least get a sense that some of the players do have a finger in the wind and know what’s going on with the fans. Some of them. But not enough to completely bend over here, and that’s somewhat understandable through the rage. Players interact with fans a lot more, I think some of them get it. But that would be dealing with this on a rational plane. I doubt the owners could find that with with Space-X like technology guiding them.

-Read this. Then you’ll see how Rocky can claim he’s losing money while he’s really not. And so can a lot of others. And then you’ll see how silly and stupid all of this really is.

-For those asking for a mediator, all you need to know is a mediator would look at this and think going from 57% to 50% looks like a healthy concession. So guess which side hasn’t shown an interest in that, or in finding compromise, or in not being obtuse.

Right, this weekend. Not much, ‘fraid.


Harvard v. Cornell on NBCSN: If you’re into the Ivy League thing. And unless you’re Sarah Spain or a complete tool, I don’t know why you would be.

Knicks v. Grizz on ESPN: Apparently these teams are a combined 13-1. I’m pretty sure that’s not going to matter in the long run.


North London Derby on ESPN 2: Set the DVR, Arsenal-Spurs is always bonkers. And you can watch Clint Dempsey appear just slightly out of his depth with a true quality team.

College Football: From what I can tell is that Stanford-Oregon is the only game worth a damn. But that won’t keep annoying ND fans from littering our Twitter feed. It’s going to be awesome when Oregon crushes them in whatever fuck-off Buy-These-Chip Bowl decides the thing this year.

Bulls-Clippers: Could be entertaining. The Bulls should lose, except the Clip Joint’s coach huffs gasoline on the sidelines.


NFL: All the games suck until the Colts-Pats, Ravens-Steelers, and Bears-Niners the next night. That won’t stop Kills from getting utterly slaughtered while the Redskins get to cash in on this flaming waste-truck crash that is the Eagles. I’m not wholly convinced Kills is going to survive through to Sunday night if this one turns out as I think it might.

Bulls-Blazers: It’s kind of funny the Blazers exist. You wouldn’t think they should, and yet they always have. Portland doesn’t have another team in the four sports. You can’t help but like the Blazers. Whatever. It’s Sunday night, you’ll be watching football anyway.

Have a good weekend y’all, I’m going to go sell a kidney.

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