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Without Representation: Capitals 3 – Blackhawks 2

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With the lack of snow or other wintery conditions, the game didn’t have the look the NHL probably wanted but we probably haven’t seen an outdoor game with a better quality of a game. Even in the warmer than usual temperatures (when I was in DC over the holidays I was walking around in just a hoodie) the ice seemed to be better than we’re used to seeing in outdoor games… and the broadcast crew used every opportunity to tell us how big their boners were for it.

This game was one of pretty heavy pendulum swings. The Hawks came out slow in the start of the game before turning it on in the second. It helps when the Capitals wanted to spend every minute they could in the penalty box. The third ended up going back the Capitals way. Even before the goal to end it, the Caps were outshooting the Hawks and getting the better looks. Penalties are certainly a part of it both ways but overall things were pretty even and both teams ended up tied in shots.

Lets get to it


  • Hey, that picture above has never been more appropriate! Nice
  • Just because the ice was better than usual¬†doesn’t mean we didn’t get to see some sloppy play and particularly bouncy puck. The first goal was the result of the puck bouncing over Seabrook’s stick, letting Fehr have an easy path directly to Crawford. It might not be fair to really blame the ice though since that seems to have happened to Seabrook a few times this year. Thankfully, the Caps gave the Hawks every opportunity they could to get back in the game by taking penalty after penalty. The Hawks lost this game by only being able to capitalize (heh) once.
  • And at least Q got to use his phrase about what happens when not scoring on a 5-on-3.. and he was even correct this time.
  • Losing Versteeg didn’t help the Hawks chances any. We’ve talked several times about how much he’s improved this year. Kruger slid into his spot for most of the game which is a bit of an odd choice.
  • The Hawks seem to be going through a streak lately of letting themselves get behind early in the game. They’re talented enough to get back in the game most times but it would be a hell of a lot nicer to just grab the lead instead. I suppose I could look it up but the only game I remember recently where the Hawks got the lead was the dismantling of the Leafs.
  • Seems like there is plenty of uproar on twitter about the weak call on Toews. It’s not entirely unjustified but it’s the kind of call that happens plenty of times throughout the season. There were several questionable calls going both ways. Having one happen so late in the game is a bit of a bitter pill though.. especially on Toews.
  • Even while dominating the play, the Hawks seemed to give up far more odd-man rushes than we’re used to seeing. If the Caps had been able to take advantage of them it could have been a blowout. Instead we got some solid defense, great goaltending and of course a few lucky bounces and a couple posts.
  • All of you have your lists of players from 2010 that you really miss right? Me too. Brouwer is second on my list behind Ladd (duh).
  • Speaking of 2010 – Jesus christ, did everyone get a chance to see Sopel after the game? He looks glorious.

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