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What Matters And What Doesn’t

Be forewarned, all you “wait for the facts!”-ers, I’m going to talk about this investigation without new information. I know, sickening right? We’ll get through it together, I promise. But some of the stuff I’ve seen over the past few days have left me…

So we had more drivel from The Buffalo News yesterday, or at least mostly drivel. We found out that Kane has a Buffalo cop-as-roadie, which considering his activities isn’t a bad idea in and of itself. Lots of cops moonlight as security in their off hours in whatever fashion. No big deal there. And we certainly don’t want Kane driving around himself, which to his credit I’ve never heard of him doing in Buffalo or here when he’s been out on the town.

However, there are a couple problems with the Buffalo News then running his quotes, because his quotes don’t fucking matter to the case and speak to poisoning any potential jury pool as well as showing us how this investigation might be tainted to begin with, but more on that later.

Sure, this guy should talk to the detectives and police that are investigating this case. But what he’s not, and what I’ve seen him called, is a material witness. Because HE WASN’T IN THE ROOM!

The accuser’s or Kane’s behavior at the bar or in the car matter little to not at all to what actually happened in the bedroom where this allegedly took place. It doesn’t matter whether she was “hanging all over him” or whether she was spitting at him for hours on end. You want to know why we get angry about this kind of shit? THIS.

It feels like most people are under the impression that a majority of sexual assaults happen in a dark alley at knife-point or something, They do not. Most are just like this one, or Julie DiCaro’s, or likely someone you know. A woman meets man, have fun, they leave together, woman goes to his house or dorm or whatever, and either decides she doesn’t want to have sex or gets attacked before she even makes that decision. What went on at the bar and in the car basically has no bearing on what went on after. Sure, this is what the defense would use in court if the defense is consensual, and it will probably work because most people think this way. But it is not how this goes. A woman has the right to say no at any moment before, even during. It’s quite legal and fine to change one’s mind, frat boy.

Let me be clear to the Tylers and Chads of the world, a girl heavily flirting with you or being forward is not a green light, no matter how much you think it is. But here was have this police stooge running to the press, or the press running to him, to run these quotes to basically make the accuser look like a liar or a slut or both. The only thing that matters is what went on in that bedroom, and neither Kane’s police cabana boy nor his sycophant bar owning buddy and what they have to say matters in the goddamn least. It’s shitty reporting, really.

On the flip side, the report that came out last week that the accuser was merely accompanying a friend to Kane’s house, that doesn’t really matter either, beyond refuting any consensual defense that might come up, and even then it basically misses the point. It doesn’t really matter in the press. But it’s telling that this cop had to come out to the press and directly refute that.

Secondly, isn’t it interesting that Kane would have a cop as a minder. Because who better to “fix” things if Kane should go off the rails like he did in that cab in 2010. Now, he’s probably around in case Kane gets into a bar fight or the like and can be right there to talk to the other cops and not something like this, as well as play driver. Still, it doesn’t smell right in this instance.

-Here’s another thing I’m tired of hearing. “Oh well this will ruin his reputation.” Patrick Kane, to date, has made just north of $40 million playing hockey. He’s scheduled to make $84 million more. That doesn’t include what he’s gotten from endorsements. He’s got three rings, and a silver medal. Somehow, even if his reputation is sullied, I think he’ll make it.

So why am I supposed to somehow preserve his “reputation” over the accuser’s dignity, self-worth, and basically whole life? Which is worse? Have you seen what rape victims go through just outside of  the legal process? The damage done and the massive healing that has to take place? I have. It rocks you to your core. This girl could possibly have everything, and I mean everything, taken from her whether Kane is arrested, goes to trial, or no on both. So you’ll have to pardon me if I’m unconcerned with a millionaire’s reputation at the moment.

I know what the counter is to that, if we took rape accusations at full value every time. You would say that every man would have to fear an accusation every night. Yeah, I wonder how we’d ever get through life knowing that an encounter with a stranger of the opposite sex, any single encoutner, could result in a life-altering/shattering experience. How does anyone get through that (except for half the population)?

-But you know what I keep coming back to?

“Patrick Kane draws a lot of water in this town. You don’t draw shit, lady.”

That’s what this is going to boil down to, I fear. All of you so angry at us, and that cancer Scum Mockery and BarShit Sports, you’re almost certainly going to get your wish. He’s probably going to walk. I’d almost be shocked if he’s charged, just given how hard this would be to convict in a vaccum, much less with the city of Buffalo’s fascination with him. And I’m sure they’ll all gloat when he does. That’ll be a truly heartening experience, filling us with faith in society.



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