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What Are You Listening To? (Stolen From Nucks Misconduct)

I haven’t done a good enough job of creating stuff where you guys can discuss at length in the comments. So I’m going to steal a page from Nucks Misconduct.com, which I’ve done before (we stole their map idea, which we’re going to bring to this new site at some point). I have a hard time finding new bands to listen to as well, so this is also to help me out as well. And I’ll try and come up with new, night-time discussion threads as we go along here too.

So, what’s on your Ipod these days? Well, everything is on the Ipod but what are you playing? It can be anything. Some new, hipster band where a girl with pink hair plays a theramin with a cat (thanks, Kyle Kinane) or you just rediscovered how awesome Beggars Banquet or Mezzanine are. I don’t care. Whatever it is.

I’ll start you off, it’s been a Velvet Underground day for me, both Loaded and Nico. I was inspired when re-watching High Fidelity last night and hearing “Oh Sweet Nothing.”

Now’s your turn. What’s tickling your ear drums currently?

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