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Welcome To Wherever You Are – Hawks 3, Jets 1

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Well that looks a bit more familiar. While some of the components of the roster are odd fits in their given lineup spots at best or not NHL players at worst, the Hawks were at least able to do something that they weren’t able to last year, and that’s beat Michael Hutchinson in regulation, who gave the Jets what they needed last year with a 3-0-1 record against the Hawks.

Perhaps the most encouraging aspect of this win aside from two points in regulation from a team that’s chasing the Hawks is that the offense came from sources other than the second line. The line of Toews, Hossa, and Teuvo accounted for all of the meaningful scoring, and did so against the Jets top line of Ladd, Wheeler, and Little. Marcus Kruger damn near finally popped the balloon as well, but alas it was not to be.

Still, solving Hutchinson is an accomplishment in and of itself for the Hawks, so take the two points and move on. They’ll be right back here on Friday night, presumably with young Connor Hellebuyck in the cage for that one.


  • Oh yeah, the “record”. Patrick Kane surpassed Bobby Hull in the Hawks record books this evening, and no it’s not for “Biggest Piece of Shit To Ever Wear The Uniform” (Steve Burtch is still working on pulling a completely made up metric out of his ass for that).It’s mildly impressive, sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth giving a shit about. For such a storied franchise, that number of games seems kind of flimsy considering how long it’s been around and its notable scorers throughout eras. Not to mention Garbage Dick isn’t coming anywhere close to the point totals that were put up in some of the longer streaks in NHL History.
  • To the dead-enders out there however, this once again becomes some sort of validation of their stance and behavior during the investigation during the summer and early fall. This changes nothing. It only proves what a combination of a high level of skill and a completely fabricated chip one’s shoulder can accomplish as if being good at sports completely washes away being a sociopath. Though to listen to the 22,000 strong and the television announces tell it, it does. And it makes this team tougher and tougher to follow as a result.
  • There were a few scary moments in the second when Trevor Daley fell reaching for a high-risk breakout pass in his own end and caught Chris Thorburn’s knee to the melon. The stretcher was brought out but Daley declined, despite looking completely out of sorts. For as cavalier as the Hawks have been rushing players back from head trauma in the past, it won’t be a surprise to have them “exercise caution” with Daley, as it’s already in the bloodstream that they don’t like or trust his game, and it’s common knowledge that the Hawks are in the market for a defenseman. It’s Viktor Svedberg or David Rundblad time barring a major surprise of a trade.
  • Trevor Van Riemsdyk was a team worst -11 in shot attempt differential tonight. It’s not getting better. This is not an NHL defenseman right now, and he might not ever be.
  • Marian Hossa and Jonathan Toews individually attempted 6 and 4 shots respectively. At least this is trending in the right direction.
  • Whatever the broadcast’s problem with Teuvo is, it’s yet another reason to watch the game muted.
  • If the Hawks thought this blue line was shoosty (Trouba, Byfuglien, and Myers led the Jets in individual shot attempts), it’s only going to get shoostier with the Preds in town on Tuesday.