Week 1 College Football Picks

Looking at point spreads from a former players point of view has been decidedly profitable for me over the years. When we place a bet on a game, we are basically guessing. You have a 50% chance to be right. Thru my playing experience, I have learned to become a sports gambler and not a sports guesser. The result, through a lot of different systems I have created, has been a few dollars on the plus side for every year since I really started paying attention to the lines in 2005.
My style is not to give you my picks for the week by writing 1,000 words on why I am betting a certain game – you don’t really care how I come about my picks – you just want the damn picks and they better all be winners. I get it.

• Syracuse – This cover will be a close call, but Syracuse is coming off a reenergizing year and I don’t yet expect them to take the Liberty Flames for granted.
• Mizzu – Missouri is going to walk all over Wyoming in a low scoring affair. Somehow, the points are also going Mizzu’s way. The score wont be close, but the cover will be interesting.
• Alabama – Bama has something to prove and Duke is just good enough for the Tide to give them their full attention.
• Fresno – Fresno will take advantage of yet another overrated USC team as they continue to fool bettors with a fairly easy cover.
• Notre Dame – I know, I know. Its extremely hard to take any delight in betting with Notre Dame; however, this is money, and we are taking the Irish big.
• Mississippi St – Admittedly, I know very little about either of these teams, which makes this play my favorite because the numbers take away any bias I may have; which in this case, I don’t.  This is my top rated game of the week.


1 Unit
o Syracuse

2 Unit
o Alabama
o Fresno

3 Unit
o Notre Dame

4 Unit
o Mississippi St

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