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Wednesday Mishegas

Just a few notes to go over on this offday on the last Circus Trip ever. By the way, can we make it the last circus ever? Like, is the circus something we need anymore? I don’t think it is. Elephants are awesome and not a single one should be kept in chains. I guess that Cirque de Solei stuff is cool, there are no animals in that. But if we had to sacrifice that to have no circuses ever, I’m good. Anyway…

-So what had everyone on buzz on Twitter this morning was a tidbit from Elliotte Friedman’s 30 thoughts. If you can’t be bothered to read the thing, even though it should be required reading for every hockey fan every week and I still can’t believe they surround Friedman with a gaggle of buffoons every Saturday night on HNIC, he speculates that Brandon Saad might be available from the Jackets. Apparently he was last year too, and the Hawks at least kicked the tires on it.

Ok, first of all, the idea that the Jackets would even consider this makes me weep for the state of the human race, and I’ve done enough of that already in the past week. There’s no question that Jarmo and especially Torts have little idea what they’re doing. Saad is somehow fifth in ice time amongst their forwards, even though he’s the best forward they have. I don’t even know how this is open for debate. He’s also their best possession player once again, because that’s this thing that he does.

While this rant really shouldn’t go on any longer, Saad scored over 30 goals last year. Only 28 players managed that feat last season. That’s 7% of all forwards who laced them up all year. These are valuable fucking commodities. Somehow goals, y’know, the thing we measure who wins and loses by, are not nearly as valued as they should be. Seeing as how hockey’s scoring is starting to resemble soccer’s more and more, maybe guys who can score should be valued in the same way. If you score 20 goals in a season in soccer, they honestly don’t give a fuck what else you do. Christiano Ronaldo hasn’t seen his own half in like six years. Does anyone care?

Rant over. Now to Saad.

In a vacuum, I’m sure both Stan and Q would love nothing more than to bring Saad back, whatever they thought his faults were. I can’t imagine what Toews’s celebration would be, but I’m sure it would involve an Arrieta-level of kale. However, there just doesn’t seem to be a way to make it work money-wise.

Technically, you could bring Clarkson over with him, LTIR him forever, and that would be close to all the room you needed. But you’d still have to clear out a couple roster spaces, so you’d have to imagine that two of the kids go the other way. Though I’m sure any trade discussion Stan is having these days the first word he’s hearing from the other side is, “DeBrincat.” And if he isn’t yet he’s going to.

That’s not even the real headache though. It would come this summer. Pantera is due a heavy raise, and he’s looking more and more indispensable by the day. Kempny also might be playing himself into a nice raise as well, and the usual hardball tactics we would usually advocate are complicated by the Vegas team being able to just sign these guys during a 48-hour window as if they were UFA. The Hawks have very little wiggle room when it comes to the expansion draft, as they have eight guys with NMCs or variations. So Kruger is going to be out there for Vegas to have if they so choose. That would free up $3 mildo but there’s no one who can do what he can.

Still, fun to kick around.

-The Hawks will catch a break, not that they needed it for the can’t-get-thumb-out-of-own-ass Flames, but Johnny Hockey is going to miss the next month to month and a half after breaking a finger.

-The Coyotes want a third stadium in just over 20 years in the desert. This has to be some kind of record, right? I hope Tempe and the area in general pull a San Diego and tell them to go screw. There’s been enough of this already.

-Hey look, the Islanders blow! It’s almost like letting 40+ goals in Okposo and Nielsen hit the bricks and trying to replace it with Andrew Ladd was never going to work. I fear what might become of this team, because if they don’t win no one is going to that building to watch them and at the very least we need those uniforms to be around.