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Our friend Dominik from LighthouseHockey.com was kind enough to send along his thoughts on Regin and Bouchard.

Regin sounds like a coach Q dream: defensively focused, but little offensive punch. He should be good depth at center for the Hawks. The Isles barely used him though, ultimately preferring Brock Nelson (who is really good) and Casey Cizikas (who brings the North American grits) at 3C and 4C respectively.

Bouchard you probably remember from Minnesota. He still has the skills, but definitely shies the hell away from contact, so your fans will call him soft and he will annoy you when he dodges board battles yet will produce nice underlying possession stats anyway. Another good depth addition I’m sure.

The Isles weren’t using either player, for somewhat mysterious reasons (Capuano is a more traditional cliche-loving coach), so you can read that as alarming that Chicago want a last place team’s scraps…or you can read it as the last place team’s GM’s pro scouting is not on the same page as its coach.

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