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Training Camp Notes Extravaganza

With it now established that everyone has reported to camp in the best shape of their respective lives and that everyone has great chemistry, with no transaction yet to free up cap space, there was very little substance coming out of South Bend. But when has there ever been anything of worth coming out of South Bend?

– Speaking of chemistry, apparently Brad Richards and Patrick Kane are already BFFFFFFFFFFFs. That’s all well and good, but the two of them had better hope that whoever the third member of that line on Richards’ left is actually interested in back-checking. At least for the 8 shifts that the line is together in the first half of the first period on October 9th against the undefeated Dallas Stars.

Also, this nugget was lovely to see coming from the beat contingent, who had every excuse in the book for Handzus last year.

– Cam Barker is back on a tryout basis. Cam Barker, who is now 28 years old and had all but completely washed out of the league after being drafted behind a couple of enigmatic Russians 3rd overall TEN YEARS AGO. It’s in all likelihood a Rockford depth move, but he’s been taking reps with Nick Leddy, and that’s probably a not a good sign for Leddy, considering that no less a source than Uncle Bob verified that the Hawks are trying to move him.

But in the same interview he also confirmed a theory that’s been frequently tossed around as well, that the pot would need to be sweetened for someone to take on Verbeauty.

So basically no one knows anything for sure still, and the clock continues to tick on Stan Bowman. Who moves might not only depend on injuries elsewhere, but also on who impresses in camp and who must be rendered expendable. For as many times as a seemingly logical conclusion to this protracted (and unnecessary) situation has seemed imminent, it now appears that it’s going to go literally until the last possible second.

-All along many have said that Teuvo is not ready for the NHL, but what if in fact it is indeed the NHL that is not ready for Teuvo?

– Tomorrow’s game will be televised, and there will be a diet version of the usual game day procedurals here.


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