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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – Weekend Edition (March 8-10)

First Screen Viewing

Jets vs. Hurricanes/Hurricanes vs. Predators – Friday, 6:30/Saturday, 7pm

Gonna give you a twofer here, and mostly because of this blog’s undying love for the Canes. They will get a big say on the Central race this weekend, as well as possibly vaulting themselves into the Metro title discussion or plunging deep into the wildcard muck. As for right now, the Canes are holding the first wildcard spot (known as “Won’t Get Fustigated By Tampa Spot”), but are only two points up on Columbus for the first-loser spot. They’re only six points behind the Islanders with a game in hand, and a win would propel them ahead of the Penguins. Meanwhile, the Jets and Preds discussion hasn’t died out yet. Nashville is up one point but have played three games more, and you have to think the Jets are going to get their act together at some point. But mostly, it’s two of the best teams in the league, both playing what is metrically the best team at even-strength in the league. If the Canes haven’t had a coming out party yet, then this could be it. Or it could shatter our illusions and it’ll be back to the dim candlelight and Emma Ruth Rundle songs for me.

Second Screen Viewing

Penguins vs. Blue Jackets – Saturday, 6pm

I know, I just said this. But they’re having a home-and-home, and the Jackets entire future could be in the balance. They were shutout last night by the Confluence, and another loss in regulation would leave the Jackets six points adrift with only 14 to go of Pittsburgh. Basically meaning there would be only two teams they could catch, and that’s if the Canes don’t get silly and take some points off the Central’s aristocracy at the same time. So you’d think they’d be pretty desperate, the Ohio faithful will be bouncing, and this one will look and feel like a genuine playoff game.

Other Games


Wild vs. Panthers – 6pm

Devils vs. Capitals – 6pm

Canadiens vs. Ducks – 9pm


Sabres vs. Avalanche – 2pm

Blues vs. Sharks – 3pm

Leafs vs. Oilers – 6pm

Senators vs. Bruins – 6pm

Red Wings vs. Lightning – 6pm

Flyers vs. Islanders – 6pm

Devils vs. Rangers – 6pm

Kings vs. Coyotes – 7pm

Knights vs. Canucks – 9pm


Red Wings vs. Panthers – 4pm

Jets vs. Capitals – 6pm

Bruins vs. Penguins – 6:30

Knights vs. Flames – 8:30

Kings vs. Ducks – 9pm

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