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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – October 30th

First Screen Viewing

Bruins vs. Hurricanes – 6pm

The Hurricanes have been one of the stories of the young season so far, though the schedule has been a little light for them so far. That didn’t stop them from utterly shredding the Sharks when they visited, so that’s what the Bruins could be in for. The Bs have been what they always are: one line tearing everyone apart and then a bunch of the rest. Tuke Nuke’Em has gotten off to an uneven start though Jaro Halak has been excellent. See if the Canes can do it to another upper-echelon team.

Second Screen Viewing

Knights vs. Predators – 7pm

Preds fans will probably claim this should have been the West final last year. They would be wrong, but they’ll claim that. The Knights’ record isn’t all that startling but all the underlying numbers suggest that they’re about to change in that sharpish. I don’t fully buy the Predators yet, but they have 16 of 22 points and their goaltending is what it’s been. They’re kind of the West’s Bruins in that they have one line and then goalies. Their defense is a little better though, isn’t it? This is your NBCSN offering.

Other Games

Flames vs. Sabres – 6pm

Islanders vs. Penguins – 6pm

Red Wings vs. Blue Jackets – 6pm

Stars vs. Canadiens – 6:30

Devils vs. Lightning – 6:30

Wild vs. Oilers – 8pm

Senators vs. Coyotes – 9pm

Flyers vs. Ducks – 9pm

Rangers vs. Sharks – 9:30

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