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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – November 25th

First Screen Viewing

Capitals vs. Maple Leafs – 6pm

Thanks to the Lightning, the Leafs have yet to ascent to the top of the Atlantic Division and Eastern Conference, saving us some of the torture of listening to the Toronto-sphere either declare this the greatest team ever or already preparing the ground for their mass-self flagellation when they declare this team the greatest choke/disappointment/crash in the history of sports, as they assuredly will when the Leafs don’t win the Cup. However, since putting up a touchdown on the Canadiens, the ultimate spiking of a football, the Leafs contrived to lose to the Coyotes at home and biff a shootout to the thoroughly middling Panthers before barely squeaking by the Hurricanes. The Caps have won three of four to get to the top of the wildcard picture, tough they’ve played more games than anyone. Still, with the Isles and Devils directly above them, they’ll fancy a climb up. Two fast teams, enough scoring on hand to make it interesting.

Second Screen Viewing

Ducks vs. Kings – 9:30

If you’re playing it conservative tonight after a rough holiday period, this is you entertainment. The Ducks are brining a MASH unit up the I-5, and yet the conference hasn’t really put them away as they’re two points out of both the last automatic spot in the Pacific and the last wild card. If they linger until they get healthy, could be a problem. The Kings are having a good recovery season, and yet must keep staring up at Vegas and wonder, “The fuck?” They’re a little more fun to watch now that Sam The Eagle isn’t behind the bench. If you can stand all the dumbass noise coming through your screen that Staples Center is intent on providing, these two usually put on a show.

Other Games

Sabres vs. Canadiens – 6pm

Islanders vs. Senators – 6pm

Devils vs. Red Wings – 6pm

Lightning vs. Penguins – 6pm

Knights vs. Coyotes – 7pm

Wild vs. Blues – 7pm

Jets vs. Sharks – 9pm

Flames vs. Avalanche – 9pm


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