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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – November 20th

First Screen Viewing

Jets vs. Predators – 7pm

Central Division clash tops the viewing tonight. The Jets have seemingly performed the miracle of converting their abundance of talent into actual points. Risky I know but let’s see where they’re going with this. Strangely for the Jets, unlike past years their underlying numbers are pretty abysmal but they’re getting goaltending and just about everything is going in the net. This is a team that always should have been able to outshoot and out-finish some of its peripherals if only the goaltending would cooperate. Thanks to Connor Hellebuyck, it has. The Predators have certainly been a show since Kyle Turris showed up, going 3-1 with 34 combined goals in those four games. The Preds themselves have put up 19 of those, and you might just want to prepare yourself for their charge to the top of the division now. It’s clearly coming, unless Ol’ Shit Hip goes Shit Hip.

Second Screen Viewing

Ducks vs. Sharks – 9:30

I don’t know if either of these teams are any good, especially with Getzlaf nursing a broken face and Ryan Kesler eating small woodland creatures away from the rink. Cam Fowler should return soon. The Sharks are going to spend the whole season about five minutes away from a rebuild and never quite get there. That’s ok though, Brent Burns and his no goals are signed until Doomsday. These games are always a touch on the salty side though, and make for half-decent TV.

Other Games

Blue Jackets vs. Sabres – 6pm

Coyotes vs. Maple Leafs – 6pm

Flames vs. Capitals – 6pm

Devils vs. Wild – 7pm


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