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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – November 1st

First Screen Viewing

Predators vs. Lightning – 6:30

Blah blah Stanley Cup Preview blah blah. You know the storyline going in, and these are two of the aristocracy of the NHL. If you felt bad about what the Bolts did to the Hawks a couple weeks back, well your solace is that they’ve been doing that to just about everyone else, including shredding the Devils 8-3 last out (though they did manage to lose to Arizona 7-1). The Preds come in at 9-2-0, so while I think they’re like a quarter-fraud there’s really no way to prove that. Lots of get up and go in this one.

Second Screen Viewing

Avalanche vs. Flames – 8pm

Even more speed in this one, and any chance to watch Nathan MacKinnon is a night well spent. Any night where he’s getting looks at Mike Smith has a chance to be Cirque de Soleil shit. The Flames can’t seem to put it all together, as their goaltending and defensive system have let them down. So it must be a Bill Peters team! Should be goals to be found.

Other Games

Stars vs. Maple Leafs – 6pm

Penguins vs. Islanders – 6pm

Capitals vs. Canadiens – 6:30

Sabres vs. Senators – 6:30

Devils vs. Red Wings – 6:30

Knights vs. Blues – 7pm

Rangers vs. Ducks – 9pm

Flyers vs. Kings – 9:30

Jackets vs. Sharks – 9:30

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