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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – November 11th

First Screen Viewing

Flames vs. Sharks – 8pm

It still hasn’t quite clicked into gear for the Sharks, who are still somehow looking up at both the Flames and Canucks in the Pacific. But that’s mostly due to some wonky goaltending, and should straighten out at some point. The Flames have been spikier than imagined, though they’re starting Mike Smith in this one so you can expect them to give up five. Still a lot of fast players on display here and if the Flames believe in some sort of “throwing down a marker of intent” type thing, a win in The Tank is a good way to do it.

Second Screen Viewing

Wild vs. Blues – 2pm

Only to see if the Hawks drop into last, which is probably where they belong.

Other Games

Senators vs. Panthers – 4pm

Coyotes vs. Capitals – 4pm

Devils vs. Jets – 6pm

Knights vs. Bruins – 6pm

Avalanche vs. Oilers – 8:30

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