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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – March 6th

First Screen Viewing

Stars vs. Predators – 7pm

Much to my chagrin, the Stars have solidified themselves as a playoff team as the Blues continue to tumble down the ladder. They’re juking and jiving with the Wild for the automatic spot, which is actually a bit backwards because a first round meeting with Vegas seems a hell of a lot more pleasant than dealing with the jet engine like noise in Winnipeg along with their forwards for a seven-game series. Either way, they Stars are one of the best defensive teams in the league, and stopping the Predators on their own patch is surely a true test. The Preds have separated themselves from the Jets and Knights atop the conference, where you figured they’d be all along. Which will make their fist or second round trip-up even more hilarious.

Second Screen Viewing

Hurricanes vs. Wild – 7pm

Two teams scrapping for playoff spots, though the Wild have a five-point cushion from dropping out altogether. What the Wild will provide when they get there is of course not up for much debate, i.e. nothing but a handy victory to a Winnipeg fanbase that hasn’t seen a playoff victory since In Utero came out. Or be the team lucky enough to relieve us of Vegas’s presence and then claim they had a really successful season. The Canes are battling against their own goaltending and lack of true top line scoring to try and rescue the last playoff spot in the East. But you know, Finnish Jesus and all that.

Other Games

Red Wings vs. Bruins – 6pm

Canadiens vs. Devils – 6pm

Jets vs. Rangers – 6pm

Knights vs. Blue Jackets – 6pm

Panthers vs. Lightning – 6:30

Capitals vs. Ducks – 9pm

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