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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – January 2nd

First Screen Viewing

Sharks vs. Avalanche – 8:30

Every time I think the Sharks are getting ready to cook, they do something like give up eight to the Flames that would have seen them move back into first, or lose to the Coyotes, or find a way to lose to the Kings. Their problems are clear, in that Martin Jones is turning into Denis Lemieux, and if this is their only season with Erik Karlsson (doubtful), then they’re going to have to have serious talks about what they’re going to do in the crease. The Avs have also sputtered of late, as if you can call losing to the Hawks twice at home in eight days anything else. When their top line isn’t motoring, this is what you get. They’re still comfortably in a playoff spot, as their four points clear of falling out of one. Both will see the turn in calendar as a chance to start anew. And both probably need to.

Second Screen Viewing

Oilers vs. Coyotes – 8:30

It really is a shame that Brandon Manning’s debut won’t happen at home, because you feel like one of his patented mistakes in a corner would send the Oilers faithful into hysteria, as they finally seem ready to turn on Peter Chiarelli full stop. But it’ll come in the outpost of Glendale, where he can make his tree-falling act in a place with no one to hear it. It’ll just be nice to watch it happen to someone else.

Other Games

Canucks vs. Senators – 6pm

Flames vs. Red Wings – 6pm

Penguins vs. Rangers – 6pm

Devils vs. Stars – 7:30

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