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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – February 3rd

First Screen Viewing

Avalanche vs. Jets – 6pm

Maybe not the best game on the slate, but if you still think the Hawks have anything to play for it’s time for scoreboard watching. The Jets are out of range of course, but the Avs are a team that’s going to have to be overhauled like the slow antelope. Given the speed of these two sides this one should be an up and down affair. And hey, you can try rooting for the Jets. It might feel funky at first, maybe even wrong, like handcuffs. But you could get used to it.

Second Screen Viewing

Maple Leafs vs. Bruins – 6pm

If the Leafs are going to catch the Bruins and gain home ice in the first round for their already determined 1st round matchup, they’d better start beating them themselves. They’re three points back but have played four more games and given the way the Bruins are going they’re going to win most of those games. The very moon-faced Charlie McAvoy is back in the lineup for the Bs (or mouth-breathing loser, according to Fifth Feather). All the Leafs needed was a game against the Hawks to snap back into life as they’ve won their last four. All of it is a precursor for these two in April, but you may enjoy the sneak preview.

Other Games

Blues vs Sabres – 6pm

Red Wings vs. Panthers – 6pm

Penguins vs. Devils – 6pm

Blue Jackets vs. Islanders – 6pm

Rangers vs. Predators – 7pm

Wild vs. Stars – 7pm

Lightning vs. Canucks – 9pm

Coyotes vs. Kings – 9:30

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