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Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – February 21st

First Screen Viewing

Sharks vs. Penguins – 6pm

2016 rematch and all that blah blah blah. Could be again in 2019 blah blah blah. Pretty soon I’m just gonna break into Kesha. Anyway, if there is going to be a Final rematch between these two the Penguins are going to need a head-out-of-ass-otomy. They still hold the last spot in the Metro, but Columbus is only two points behind and that scratch they both feel is the all-dancing all-singing Hurricanes clapping away on their ass. Somehow they’re on the brink of losing touch with the Islanders, who are five points up with a game in hand. Evgeni Malkin seems to be fucked in the head, no one is scoring except for Guentzel and Crosby, and it all just looks a bit off. That said, they’ve piled up four wins in their last five over dregs like New Jersey, the Rangers, the Flyers, and Oilers. They’re always there to help! The Sharks still can’t get a save but are awesome otherwise and are like three days out from only the biggest decision in their franchise history. Good times!

Second Screen Viewing

Blues vs. Stars – 7:30

The league’s hottest roadshow sweeps down to Texas, as winners of 11 in a row St. Louis is here to cause the Stars CEO to swear some more. Now that the Wild have sunk without a trace or peep and appear to be content to do so even farther, the Stars are next up on the hit list for the bumbling rabble tripping over itself toward the playoffs. The Stars are only two points ahead of the Hawks and Avs, and with the Blues in town followed by a home game with the suddenly ravenous Canes and then backing that up the next day with a trip here, they could find themselves in the “What The Fuck?” pile right quick. That four-game trip that starts here Sunday also goes to Vegas and Nashville, so yeah, they could be in up to the knee. This one has the most interest for Hawks fans.

Other Games

Capitals vs. Leafs – 6pm

Hurricanes vs. Panthers – 6pm

Senators vs. Devils – 6pm

Wild vs. Rangers – 6pm

Flyers vs. Canadiens – 6:30

Sabres vs. Lightning – 6:30

Kings vs. Predators – 7pm

Islanders vs. Oilers – 8pm

Coyotes vs. Canucks – 9pm

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